Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cleaning out the basement

Today my husband and I have been going through the basement getting rid of stuff. We made a pile of stuff to keep, a pile of stuff to give away, and a pile of stuff to throw away. The pile of stuff to give away is biggest.

I posted it all on Freecycle and I'm now deciding who will get what. I try to give stuff to people I'm afraid might be discriminated against by other Freecycle members from time to time. I've had a couple of people with Wiccan-inspired email addresses and another email address that includes the word "lesbian" in it. These three email addresses will get first dibs on things. I imagine there are Freecycle members out there who give stuff first to people who have Christian-inspired email addresses and give nothing to Pagan or gay Freecycle members, so I think it's fair to give stuff away in this manner.


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